For all general inquiries, please click here. Captain Van’s currently offers 4 types of services for tourists visiting Roatan:
1 - Visitors arriving by cruise ship and who are renting scooters, motorcycles or vehicles, please fill out Section 1 below.
2 - Island visitors that are staying for more than one day and are renting scooters, motorcycles, or vehicles please fill out Section 2 below.
3 - Visitors that are reserving a Captain Van’s Island Tour (with driver included), please fill out Section 3 below.
4 - Visitors who only want basic transportation from Point A to Point B and back. This is not an island tour. Please fill out Section 4 below.

Steps for making a reservation at Captain Van's:
ONLY fill out the following sections if you fit in that category:
Section 1 if you are arriving by cruiseship and are renting.
Section 2 if you are staying for more than one day.
Section 3 if you are reserving a Captain Van's Island Tour.
Section 4 if you are reserving basic transportation only.